Top 10 Links: December 31,2016

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

10 crucial mistakes I want to stop making in 2017 (Link)

According to neuroscience, most relaxing music of all time (Link)

The Ultimate List Of The 50 Hottest Women Of 2016 (Link)

The 100th Anniversary of a Mystery That Won’t Die (Link)

The Year Cristiano Ronaldo Rose Above Everybody Else (Link)

From ‘Pineapple Apple Pen’ to the ‘hot chaiwalla’, what trended on social media this year (Link)

Seeking Outside Approval Is Giving Our Power Away (Link)

8 things that disappeared in 2016 (Link)

15 Pairs Of Actors You Didn’t Realize Were Married To Each Other (Link)

Here’s A Look Back At The Most Beautiful Sports Moments Captured In 2016 (Link)

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Top 10 Links: December 30,2016

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

A Little Appreciation Can Go a Long Way in Your Relationships (Link)

Just In Case You Thought 2016 Was A Dull Year, Here Are The 50 Most Iconic Events That Broke The Internet (Link)

How Russia recruited elite hackers for its cyberwar (Link)

21 Little Everyday Changes To Make Your 2017 Even Better (Link)

The 11 Most Underrated Movies of 2016 (Link)

Want to Be Mentally Tough? Science Recommends 1 Surprising Daily Habit (Link)

This Is What I do When I Want To Achieve Everything… and Nothing (At The Same Time) (Link)

The moving sofa math problem: still unsolved 50 years later (Link)

Secret Asian Man? (Link)

The Guide To Cleansing Yourself Spiritually To Manifest A New You In The New Year (Link)

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Top 10 Links: December 29,2016

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

How one airport trip caused this 22-year-old college dropout to build a business with 6 million unique sign ins (Link)

Don’t Make This One Huge Mistake on Your Resume (Link)

10 Superstitions Associated With New Year (Link)

The 10 Best Android Apps of 2016 (Link)

How to Use Mass Persuasion Techniques to Become President of The United States (Link)

15 Superheroes That Could Rule The World If They Wanted To (Link)

The Untold Story of Edward Snowden’s Escape from Hong Kong (Link)

The Importance of Doing Nothing (Link)

25 Sachin Tendulkar GIFs That Are As Divine As The God Of Cricket Himself (Link)

This startup has got Tinder’s Sam Yagan very excited (Link)

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