Top 10 Links: January 29,2017

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

Brace Yourselves For 25 Photos That Will Make You Uncomfortable AF Just By Looking At Them (Link)

11 Facts About Robert Frost (Link)

Rishi Kapoor Perfectly Shut Down A Troll Who Creepily Asked Deepika Padukone To Mend Her Ways (Link)

How Tim Walked His Way to a 50-Pound Weight Loss. Wait. WHAT!? (Link)

15 Movie Roles That Deserved A Best Actress Oscar (Link)

I Posted 2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Consecutive Days (Link)

How a dating website is leading the latest web conversion trend (Link)

How Many Faces Can You Spot In This Photo Of Flowers? It’s Stumping Everyone! (Link)

To Practice Mindfulness Is to Return to Life (Link)

Decide Where You Want To Be In 10 Years And Get There In 6 Months (Link)

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