Top 10 Links: January 29,2017

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

Brace Yourselves For 25 Photos That Will Make You Uncomfortable AF Just By Looking At Them (Link)

11 Facts About Robert Frost (Link)

Rishi Kapoor Perfectly Shut Down A Troll Who Creepily Asked Deepika Padukone To Mend Her Ways (Link)

How Tim Walked His Way to a 50-Pound Weight Loss. Wait. WHAT!? (Link)

15 Movie Roles That Deserved A Best Actress Oscar (Link)

I Posted 2,461 Blog Posts in 2,191 Consecutive Days (Link)

How a dating website is leading the latest web conversion trend (Link)

How Many Faces Can You Spot In This Photo Of Flowers? It’s Stumping Everyone! (Link)

To Practice Mindfulness Is to Return to Life (Link)

Decide Where You Want To Be In 10 Years And Get There In 6 Months (Link)

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Top 10 Links: January 28,2017

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

20 Facts About the World’s Billion-Dollar Startups (Link)

Honest Advice Every 20-Something Needs But Seldom Gets When They’re On The Threshold Of Adulthood (Link)

Nat Geo’s Adventurer Of The Year Is This Kick-Ass Nepali Woman (Link)

Indian Men On Tinder Wondering If Women Really Want Sex, Do Yourselves A Favour And Read This (Link)

20 Mysteries That Absolutely No One Can Solve (Link)

Getting To Know The Trump Family (Link)

In Just 2 Minutes, This Famous Philosopher Will Make You Weep And Reconsider Your Life Priorities (Link)


19 Pets That Are Actually Supermodels In Disguise (Link)

Approaching Life with Beginner’s Mind (Link)

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Top 10 Links: January 27,2017

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

Sean Spicer May Have Just Tweeted His Password to His 214,000 Followers (Link)

This Twitter Account’s Humorous Take On Our Everyday Lives Is Just The Dose of Laughter You Need (Link)

The 50 Best Jobs In 2017, According To Glassdoor (Link)

Here’s the Good News and the Bad News for the iPhone (Link)

How can I develop self confidence and self-esteem? (Link)

37 Wise Quotes That Will Inspire You to Succeed in Life (Link)

Why don’t I have a girlfriend? (Link)

Learn all you need to know about AI in just 6 minutes with Snips (Link)

Use the Alexander Technique to Meditate More Comfortably (Link)

She Had An Affair With Her Student And She Paid Him Thousands To Cover It Up (Link)

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Top 10 Links: January 11,2017

Interesting articles that I am reading today:

Do This Five-Minute Stretching Workout At Your Desk For A Workday Energy Boost (Link)

Sherlock’ Fans Can Test Their Powers of Deduction by Solving a Case on Twitter (Link)

10 Things Confident People Don’t Do (Link)

These 18 Hilarious Posters Perfectly Sum Up The Bittersweet Experience Of Being Single (Link)

President Obama’s Farewell Address: The Best Motivational Speech TV Has Ever Seen (Link)

Watch this guy spend 9 hours scrolling to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet (Link)

Want to Feel Better? Science Says Do This 1 Nasty, But Very Enjoyable Thing (Link)

The Truth Behind Judging Others and What It Says About Us (Link)

This is why you should never Instagram your boarding pass (Link)

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