Portfolio 2017

The following stocks form my portfolio for 2017.

Investing equal amount in all stocks mentioned above latest portfolio (gain/loss) % = +10.66

Points to Note:

  • Don’t take these stocks as recommendations. Do thorough analysis before buying any of the stocks listed here or consult your financial advisor before making any decision.
  • I will not buy/sell any of these stocks before 2nd Jan 2018. I will update my portfolio after that.
  • I conduct fundamental analysis to come up with ideas and generally pick small to mid cap companies to invest.
  • Last year I gained 26.9% on my portfolio following similar methodology that I have employed again to come up with these stocks. But as mentioned above don’t take my words as face value and conduct your own analysis.
  • I will update this page on regular basis to take note of my portfolio gain/loss.